Naya Saal

Ay naye saal bata, tujh main naya pan kiya hai?
Har taraf khalq nay Q shorr macha rakha hai

Roshni din ki wohi taaron bharee raat wohi
Aaj hum ko nazar aati hai har baat wohi

Aasmaan badla hai afsos na badli hay zameen
Ek hindsay ka badalna koi jiddat tou nahi

Aglay barson ki tarha hongay qarenay teray
Kisay maaloom nahi baran mahinay teray

January, February aur March main paray sardi
Aur April, May, June main hogi garmee

Tera munn dahar main kuch khoye ga kuch paye ga
Apni miyaad basar karkay chala jaye ga

Tu naya hai tou dikha subha nayee shaam nayee
Warna in aankhon nay dekhay hain naye saal kayee

Bay sabab detay hain Q loge mubarakbaadain
Gaalibann bhool gaye waqt ki karwii yaadain

Teri aamud sey ghatti umar, jahan sey sab ki
Ay naye saal bata tujh main naya pan kya ha?


-Ahmed Faraz


Another year came to an end and people all over the world celebrated the start of a new year better than ever before. If we had the ability to see the transmission of SMS messages, there would not have been any visibility on the day, as trillions of best wishes and greetings would have been flying all around us. I too joined in with a renewed vigour and optimism. But it makes me wonder sometimes that what is it about the start of a new year that we celebrate. Do we celebrate our satisfaction on the way the previous year ended? Or maybe our approval of the way things are progressing into the next year? Or do we just join in with the crowd and party just for the sake of partying?

It is the start of a new decade on our calendars. Many have predicted that the end of the world is near. I am not sure if the believers of these prophecies will be celebrating the start of this new year. I personally am not one of them but I am still very concerned about the current world affairs especially of my own homeland.

Pakistan saw a very tough 2009 and the way things are, very few are hopeful for a better 2010. No matter how much we deny, our country has become a battlefield. The repercussions of war on terror have spread to our main cities. No one is safe these days even in their own courtyards. I find it difficult to rejoice when the pictures of the recent devastating attacks in Karachi and Lucky Marwat are still fresh in my mind. The families of the victims would not be celebrating for sure. What is left for them to celebrate anyway?

I personally do not have a logical reason for why I should celebrate the new year but I do believe in ‘hope’. When it comes to defining hope, most people relate it to putting trust on the deity they believe in and waiting for things to improve on their own. The important missing ingredient is ‘Actions’.

For me the key to get our country out of this mess is Education and worthy Leadership. Our present leadership presents no hope what so ever and neither do we have visionary leaders in waiting. This doesn’t paint a pretty picture for us to adore and celebrate. I believe that our leaders are a reflection of us as a nation. Trust me, what we see in them is what we are as a nation. It is a harsh reality but absolutely true. Unless we reform ourselves and our communities, we should not expect visionary leaders to emerge from within us.

My New Year resolution once again is to continue working on Iqbal’s vision of Khudi. May God give us the ability to attain such heights so that we can bring our nation out of the current mess. On this day I pray for the stability of Pakistan. I pray for sincere leadership.

God bless us all, God bless our nation. Ameen