Of laziness and dying grey cells

Today I was feeling really tired and bored and depressed. Didn’t feel like doing anything. Had been a few days hadn’t gone to the park for a walk. So finally Asim dragged me to the park despite my half hearted protests. Being out in the sun was exactly what I needed. It was a beautiful day and it was good for Elhaan to get out as well.¬†Yesterday I realized something horrible: Elhaan was spending most of his waking hours infront of the TV! Of course he’s too young to really comprehend anything but he’s fascinated by the light and colours and keeps staring at it.

So now I’m making a conscious effort to not let him be in front of the TV. Sadly that means my hours of being a couch potato have been curtailed. Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and 60 Minute Makeover cannot be compromised on; so I guess the Food Network will have to take a cut. Although I sprinkle in a few minutes of Al Jazeera or BBC in between mindless entertainment to feel less guilty, I think I’m losing a few thousand grey cells a day. The proof: A few weeks back when it was time to vote on the Alternative Vote; I looked at the pamphlet mailed to us and couldn’t comprehend more than a few lines. It sounded needlessly complicated. And this is after taking 4 years of political science at uni. Pretty soon, all I’ll be capable of reading would be food labels.