What we’re reading…

imran-khan-jacket After a long time, Asim and I are reading a book together. The last one was Three Cups of Tea. This time, each of us has got a copy of Imran Khan’s new book ‘Pakistan: A Personal History’. Asim is reading his on the Kindle while I’m content with my hardcover.

I’m not going to go into a review at this stage (halfway at the moment), but the reading process is exciting. Not that its thrilling or something we don’t know, but it’s given us a topic for lively discussions. Asim and I have always had our differences of opinion about Imran Khan and especially the PTI. The book is giving us insight into the background of the party and Imran Khan’s stance on certain issues (most of which he has already shared on numerous other forums).

A book review will follow shortly. We might consider a joint one, given our thoughts aren’t too divergent.

ps. Asim has been making fun of me for taking notes on every chapter!

Once upon a time…

Just got a very interesting history lesson in Pak-US relations from Professor YouTube, I thought I’ll share with you all.

Around 50 years ago, a President of Pakistan, then considered “an important and powerful” country, visited the United States of America on a state visit. He was received by the American President and given a very honourable reception. Irrespective of what we think of Ayub and his era now, it’s amazing to see how high Pakistan’s stature was in the international arena.

Here is the video coverage of the visit:


America Welcomes President Ayub Khan of Pakistan 1961