This is the way to ‘Fix it’!

It took them some time but they finally got it! This is the way to ‘fix it’ guys. Pakistani cricket team finally “won” a cricket match using the contemporary art of ‘spot fixing’. Like ‘googly’, ‘dosra’, ‘reverse swing’ and may other cricketing innovations, to the envy of the whole world, who else could do it better than us.

ICC has been trying hard for years and years to figure out how we do it. There has to be something dodgy somewhere, they always conclude.

I must say whoever spot fixed in the 3rd ODI deserves to be our new President. After all that happed in the test series, that would take some guts. On top of that yet again, Butt Saab the Chief made us proud in the typical Pakistani manner, demonstrated everyday by our renowned politicians on ARY, GEO and Co. “PCB has all the evidence that England is involved in fixing the 3rd ODI. What is your proof against us haan?? If you think you have evidence against us, we will make up so much evidence against you that you can’t event imagine – After all, we have over 60 years of experience, beat that Haan!!”, Butt Saab thought.

On a serious note, “I don’t get it” – are our cricketers that dumb that they keep on making a mess of everything? or there is something dodgy going on elsewhere too? What do you think?

One thought on “This is the way to ‘Fix it’!”

  1. Pakistani cricket team is back on track and now they gona win the one day series. Hope that is fixed too.

    English guys are born in this system and well experienced – the society always forget what happens, who does what, where it happens – don’t bother them, they just want fun in a civilized manner, democraticly done, with majority only and new things should be done by White only !
    That is the main problem in England and Europe too……USA is in it too

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