Just passed!

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I passed my driving test today! I feel so light. This was my second attempt and at some point during the test I thought “Oh I think I’ve failed, what’s the point now?” so when the examiner told me at the end that I had passed, I asked him again if I had. He said, “Have you gone a bit deaf? How come your listening is affected now?” lol. Ok so that wasn’t a really pc comment, but it was music to my ears!

I gave my instructor a big slice of my leftover birthday cake (pink with ballerina slippers, in case you’re interested) with my thanks.

I think the two things I’m most excited about are:

1. My family will most probably be visiting me sometime in August (as soon as they get their visas) and I’m really looking forward to being able to drive them around.

2. Commuting to Oxford would become a bit easier and more flexible when I have the option of driving! I may have to leave home really early to beat rush hour traffic and all that, but for now I’m not thinking about it.

Anyone want a ride? :)

9 thoughts on “Just passed!”

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Nazmeen, I’ll be driving over to pick you and Safiyyah up sometime soon! ;)

  2. lots of congratulations on passing.A good addition of patthan bannusi driver on the roads of London….

  3. hahahha…Chand gul baji you are right….banusi ghussa on the roads is going to be dangerous!! :D

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