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Coke Studio is one of the best things that has happened to the Pakistani music scene in a while. Yes, I’m even willing to overlook the overt commercialization/branding that goes with a multinational like Coke. The music Rohail Hayat has produced has been absolutely phenomenal. The fusion of folk and western forms of music has worked so well. And it’s not even ‘fusion’ as we’re used to. It takes fusion to a completely new level. It almost sounds like a cliche but this really is mesmerizing music.

I’m in love with this new song ‘Alif Allah Chambey di Booti’…have been listening to it on repeat. Was a bit skeptical of Meesha Shafi’s vocal talents, but she hasn’t done bad. Arif Lohar has gained new-found respect. We grew up watching him with his funny bright satin shiny clothes and the quintessential ‘chimta’. The beauty of Coke Studio is that it makes you appreciate folk singers and their art without thinking it’s comical or out of place. Wonderful stuff! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Mesmerizing music”

  1. You should hear the previous season’s songs as well especially Atif Aslam’s Jal Pari, Ali Zafar’s Daastan e Ishq and Jawed Bashir’s Aj Latha Naiyoon. Awesome tracks!!

  2. Thanks Waheed for the recommendations. I’ve heard Atif and Ali Zafar’s tracks, but I’ll also give a listen to Jawad Bashir’s song! :)

  3. Couldn’t agree more! by far the best thing that has ever happened to our music! and the song you’re talking about is up on everyone’s lips these days! A new episode is being aired today, with the likes of Noori, EP, Zeb and Haniya performing together. Its a must watch i tell ya! and i’m glad you’ve posted something on the coke studio. I was actually planning to do so my self, since i’m free with the exams and all, at least till Wednesday i am! have a last exam on the 22nd.

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Ammar good luck for the last exam. Yes, please do write something…I’d love to post it! It’s about time our guest contributor started writing more often! :) Please share the link of the new episode with me…or I’ll try to find it on youtube.

  5. The song is so addictive. I need to make myself a coke studio album for my car. :)

    Ammar, waiting for your post. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing ! The original albul of Arif Lohar is also very good … especially the poetry is very thoughtful if u are a bit good in punjabi …

    I undoubtly loved Coke studio….I also liked all the tracks in the previous seasons … Rohail Hayat really polished the songs which were faded away in our memories …. a little change of music and voices gave them a new look ….

    Also likes the song Piamana of zed & Hania .. its infact much better music wise than the original track !


  7. Oh it’s actually being aired on Sunday, 20th. I didn’t read the date part, i thought it was this sunday! and yeah you can always go to their official website. It has everything there from free downloads to song videos!

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