A whirling dervish

By Munnaza Inam

Haji lok Makkay noun jaandey

Mera Ranjha Mahi Makkah

Nein main kamli aan!

Pilgrims go to Makkah

My beloved Ranjha is my Makkah

O! I am crazy

(Bulleh Shah)


Standing in the courtyard of a mosque and looking upon a structure made of bricks and covered with a black cloth. It is hard to imagine, just from that bare description, what a feeling of pure bliss courses through you at that moment. Yet, that experience can serve to reaffirm the invisible bond that tethers you to your Maker as well as rejuvenates your soul.

A few weeks ago,when I came to know that I was going for Umrah, I was in ecstasy: experiencing intense joy, delight, a trance, frenzy, cloud nine, walking on air, a state of extreme happiness… I can go on and on and on. The couplet of Bulleh Shah, mentioned above, aptly encapsulates the emotions that I felt at the thought of returning to the holy city.

I never had this feeling before when I went for Umrahs, but during Hajj a few years ago, I felt akin to a whirling dervish. My whole being felt as if it was whirling, suspended in time and space, and drawn towards this magnetic force which was the center of my universe. And now once again, during the course of this Umrah a few days ago, I returned to that state of total submission. Truly, I became a whirling dervish, spinning my body in circles around the Kaaba. The aim was not uncontrolled ecstasy and loss of consciousness but the realization ofsubmission to Allah.

Happiness! It is a truly powerful and radical exploration of life’s most treasured goals. I never complained or grumbled at the weather, pain, illness or anything else I experienced during my journey. There, everything in life pleased me and I found everything agreeable. In the very midst of my prayers, I found myself happy at being miserable.

I must confess that the greatest of all my delights is, and always will be, religion. In the state of submission, I felt mentally, physically and spiritually charged and alive; as if I had attached the belts of my machinery to the power-house of the universe. More than ever before, my belief was reaffirmed that the underlying cause of all sickness, weakness or depression is the human sense of separateness from that Divine Energy which we call Allah.

About the Author

Munnaza Inam is an artist, housewife and mother of four. Her interests include interior design, reiki and art of living.

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  1. “I must confess that the greatest of all my delights is, and always will be, religion”

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