As we observe the death anniversary of the greatest poet ever from the East, there is very little we see of his vision in the Pakistan of today. The creation of Pakistan was a realisation of a dream Iqbal had. Through his powerful poetry he brought the dead nation to life.

Iqbal’s empowering philosophy of "Self" refers to the whole of universe obeying the will of the "Self".

Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har taqdeer sey pehley,
Khuda bande sey poochey, bata teri raza kya hai.

(Raise thyself to such heights, That God Himself may Ask-
What do you wish me to write in your fate ?)

In Quran, God says that He created us as his vicegerent on Earth (2:30), his representatives. This is a great responsibility which we fail to recognise. The responsibility is a recognition of the ability human beings were created with. Iqbal’s idea of self-realization and self-knowledge reiterated these Quranic principles to the Muslims of Colonial India and lifted the demoralised community to achieve the impossible.

Iqbal’s message of ‘Khudi’ is even more relevant today. The society is extremely demoralised. We are a proud Muslim nation but the ‘Islamic values’ are no where to be seen.

This culture of blaming others for our problems must stop now. We must start from the self; elevate ourselves to a level where we see humanity — I sincerely believe — we’ll see justice, we’ll see tolerance and we’ll see peace.

God bless our Nation! and God only helps those who help themselves.

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