Crime against God (in the name of God)!

Day in day out we are bombarded with news of atrocities committed against minorities in Pakistan. But who cares? Robert Fanish Masih is yet another victim of the blatant racism that both the state and the society are guilty of. While the ‘baray log’ play their filthy game of politics, the common man keeps on suffering. He does not give a damn about Musharraf’s trial or Zardari’s deal.

Who is responsible for these crimes against humanity?

Why do people commit the most inhumane acts in the name of God? Isn’t humanity supposed to be an imperative characteristic of a Muslim?

I am ashamed to be part of the 98% that consistently fails to protect the 2%.

2 thoughts on “Crime against God (in the name of God)!”

  1. Sadly, for years this same 2% has been silent only because there is no point raising a voice. The voice will either be violently silenced or be lost in the throngs of opposing voices.

  2. I agree Anthony, and it really saddens me. It is the 98% that should wake up and be responsible. It is us who should raise our voice against this injustice to humanity.

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