Last night we had Falooda at Gifto’s in Southall and it was yummy. I think it is a bit of an acquired taste- it’s interesting how the things we love have some sort of pleasant childhood memory associated with them.

I remember having falooda the first time as a child when I was 9 I think. More than the taste, I loved that it was so colourful and served in a tall glass with a spoon. And I’m not talking about the boring kulfi falooda which consists of just the vermicelli noodles and kulfi (a rich Pakistani ice cream) mostly sold in Islamabad- I mean the full deal with the kulfi, vermicelli, tukhmalanga, milk, red syrup and chopped nuts on top. I think the first one I ever had also had jelly in it. I don’t think a lot of places in Pindi and Islamabad do it. I was asking my mom today where it was that I’d first had it and she said it was probably in Karachi or Sargodha.

This is a perfect summer drink as it is served chilled either with kulfi or vanilla ice cream and with tukhmalanga aka tukmari (google tells me they are sweet basil seeds!) which are known for their cooling properties. They are very similar to tapioca seeds: you soak them in water and they become soft and jelly-like.

Here’s an easy recipe I found online- will be trying it out soon.


Ingredients: serves 2

Milk: 2 cups
Falooda vermicelli: handful
Rose syrup or Rooh Afza : 2-3 tbsp
Tukhmalanga seeds: 1 tbsp
Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops

Boil the vermicelli in water for about 20 min, drain the excess water and let it cool. Soak the tukhmalanga seeds, they will puff up and double in size in about 15 min.

In a glass add cooked vermicelli (cool), and soaked tukhmalanga and rose syrup, pour in cold milk and top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy! :)


Courtesy: http://turmericnspice.blogspot.com


2 thoughts on “Falooda”

  1. interesting one on the falooda. I cannot agree more than it is an ‘acquired taste’. I have somehow never been able to like it :S but I know everyone in my family is huge fan of the falooda as you explained it up there (with nuts etc.). I’m sure many are going to experiment with the recipe themselves :)

  2. You don’t like Falooda? tsk tsk. Waisay I know a few other people who don’t like Rooh Afza and the noodles. And even though the first one I had had jelly in it, now I would prefer it without.

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